Guide-driven dog sled tours


From December to mid-April.


We take a maximum of four people and only run one tour a day to offer a more personal experience.


Evening Tour

To try to see the Stunning Northern Lights


1400 Swedish kronor per person


We start at 18:00 and finish around 21:00 approx


The duration of the time on the sled depends on the weather conditions and if your having a great time we are flexible enough to stay out longer

Warm clothes will be provided.

Warm drink and home-made cakes wil be provided


Remember we cannot just switch on the Northern Lights


Please note that the Northern Lights is a natural phenomon and can not be guarenteed to be seen on your trip. We can however tell you in advance the chances of likelihood based on geographical statistics.





On your arrival you will get to meet our beautiful pack of Greenland Dogs. We will tell you a bit about each one of our dogs and you get to spend some time with them.


You can also help harness a dog if you wish.

Once the dogs are fully harnessed, the dogs will be very eager to go. They will be excited so please be prepared for a bit of noise.


Once underway the dogs will not make a sound as they power on and all you will hear is the crisp sound of the sled on the snow.


During the tour we can stop at any time. You can take photos of the dogs, the Northern wilderness or, if you are lucky, some of the local Swedish residents such as reindeer and elk that happily live in the forests surrounding our home.


We willl stop at half way through the tour to warm up at an open fire, where you will be served a warm drink and local Swedish recipe home made cake.


With our Evening Tour we will wait to try to see the Northern lights and capture their beautifull aurora. We also have our express tour for a shorter excursion dog sledding experience and our special occasion sled dog trip tailored just to you.


Day Tour


1400 Swedish Kronor per person


We start at 10:00 and finish around 13:00 approx


The duration of the time on the sled depends on the weather conditions.

Warm clothes will be provided.

Warm drink and home-made cakes will provided



Express Tour


800 Swedish Kronor per person


For those who want a short ride of 30 minutes


Time to be arranged at booking


Warm clothes provided


The Express tour is for those who may not have time to experience one of our longer tours.


Upon your arrival the dogs will be harnessed and ready to go. Once underway we will sled around the back of Porsi and over lakes, experiencing the quiet of the Northern wilderness through our stunning forests.


After our express sled dog tour you can warm up at the fire and take some photos of our Greenland dogs.






Something a bit extra...


Special occasion or private tour


Do you have a Birthday, Anniversary or a special occasion that you would like to celebrate?


Would you like to see more of the Northern wilderness within the Arctic Circle?


Please contact us and we will work with you to make the sled dog ride even more memorable and a day you will not forget...



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