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So you have decided to try dogsledding, stop by and having a look at what we can offer you at

Cold Front Dog Sledding Adventures.

We are a small dogsledding company located just ouside Kiruna in Lapland ,Northern Sweden. Due to being a small company we believe we can provide you with a high quality experience. 

To experience dogsledding in natures playground,we run traditional Greenland dogs from Greenland. These dogs are still used in Greenland today and offer a amazing experience into more traditional dogsledding.

From our home in Kurravaara, make that dream  of dogsledding through natures silence and her amazing display of dancing lights above your head a reality 

The area we live in offers less light polution to experience natures beautifull light display and a better chance of seeing native animals.

If you want to experience a more personal sled dog ride with our amazing fun, hard working, crazy Greenland dogs Akemi, Bindi, Ripley, Possum, Milo, Boomer, Naima, Crash, Ferret, Kaju, Talyn, Kyra, Orca, and Heron

         Come visit us.  

Cold Front Dog Sledding


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